A quick trip to Portland
I was surfing around on craigslist and found a deal i couldnt pass up. HAHA practical no... Fun?? YES!!! :-) 

Three rounds and couldnt make the 4th... ERRRR
The US open semi finals. Run #1and #2

Episode #5 check it people!

Seasonal Siblings Episode 5 from Seasonal Siblings on Vimeo.

US Open Practice
So this year its set up so that the Slope Style contest is the same day as the first slope style practice. Ouch the course opens at 8AM and the contest begins at 9:15AM so we have an hour and 15 min to figure out speed and get a run down to move on to the next round. OUCH!

Stuck on the East!
The stress of being on the Road. Im back east where most of people in snowboarding call home. Not i though im from MI still a ways away from here. I compete tomorrow morning at the US open and im 2 hours away from the event. finding it hard to believe that im going to make it there in time for my 8AM practice. NO Car No Bus No Train. ehhhhh!

Seasonal siblings Episode #4

Seasonal Siblings Episode 4 from Seasonal Siblings on Vimeo.

Seasonal siblings Episode #3

Seasonal Siblings Episode 3 from Seasonal Siblings on Vimeo.

Seasonal Siblings Episode #2

Seasonal Siblings Episode 2 from Seasonal Siblings on Vimeo.

Dew Tour #2
i came back to the good ol east coast for Dew tour stop #2 at Killington VT. Its cold like usual here on the east coast practice was nice and icey i managed to connect my face to the ice on the first day of practice and gave my self a good fat lip and big nose. Didnt hurt at all but sure made me look goofy then the next day on my last practice run i did double back rodeo to my face. Hit my face in the exact same spot. Face doesnt hurt but i managed to mess up the AC joint in my shoulder. Long story short didnt get to do a run.

Seasonal Siblings Episode #1

Seasonal Siblings Episode 1 from Seasonal Siblings on Vimeo.

Snow rev interview ran an interview on seasonal siblings check it out
Snowrev Interview

Back in Tahoe
I have been back in Tahoe now for a week with the whole crew and we have been having a blast! we have a small 3 bedroom house with 10 people its pretty ridiculous but never a dull moment! We have gas powered RC cars, Pocket bikes, NBA for X box, and of course the Evo. We have been getting content for episode #2 of seasonal siblings and getting ready for Dew #2.

Check out this video on Transworld the first part is pipe but the ender is some footy from slope. Im bummed i wont be able to ride in the finals o well next time. 

Down under  Final Episode #4
it took a little bit of time but its up and the end of our trip!

<iframe src="" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="">Down Under, Episode 4, Perisher</a> from <a href="">Luke Mallinson</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Salt Flats... More like Mud Flats!
So it was a wet and rainy day. It deffinitly put a hold on trying to top out my car but we did check out the flats and got a little mud on the tires!

So in the AM were heading to Tahoe on the way there were gona take a nice quick stop at the salt flats. Gona try to top out the Evo 150+? 

Down under Episode #3


Down Under, Episode 3 from Luke Mallinson on Vimeo.

Ian Thorley and Jeremy Thompson from the Flow international team, road tripped around some of Australia's best snow resorts. This is a four part documentary of their trip.

In this episode the boys travel from Falls Creek to Thredbo for the MTV Snow Jam.

The boys had to get up early after a late night partying, to drive to Thredbo for the comp. They weren’t sure that they would make it in time. The Car was buried under the most snow Australia has seen in a long time. We hadn’t even made it 30 kilometers before we got a flat tire and the boys still hadn’t seen any kangaroos and wombats. With a few stops along the way we made it to Thredbo, with only minutes to spare.


To Kingdom Come – Passion Pit


First Backside Double Ten
This trick took me way way to long.

Made it to Breck and moved into my place with Chaz and Humpy. Long drive but the Evo is happy to see snow!

Humpy got a cover!
Check out the new Transworld Mag Humpy has the cover from a trip to Japan.

Summer time and the Livinzzzzz easy
Flew to Boston with my dad to pick up his new car. Time for a new plate V10 HAHA

Down Under Episode #2

Down Under Episode #1
I spent my August down under. Check out the first episode of my tour with Flow

Nissan Stomp it
Im sitting in the airport next to Sam Hulbert. Were in Milan Italy waiting for our flights back to the US in the morning. Nissan Stomp it was a FLOP. Sam and i flew into Italy Thursday and right from the begging we had problems. My bags didnt make it on time and Delta kindly told me they would send the bag to my hotel and they would be there sunday night. HAHA Awesome seeing as i am flying out monday morning. We got a hotel in Milan the next morning i headed back to the airport to pick up my bag. from there it was off to the contest. after a bus, train, and Taxi ride we got to our Hotel to find out the contest is 10 miles from the hotel. Well after a 37 Euro taxi ride we made it to the event. The in-run was narrow the Jump was very POPPy and the landing was shorter then my board bag. If you made it past all that you had to deal with the kink of death and the non existent run out. I went down hard the day before the contest and im still feeling the effects. Sam and i didnt make the finals so we hoped on a train right after the event and after a quick bus ride we made it to the airport. Man all i wanted was to eat good Pizza i guess next time!

Last season
Here is the TV coverage from the Dew Tour final you can thank Humpy for the commentary!